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Bachelor Party Planning Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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Are you the best man who is in charge of organizing a bachelor party in Raleigh? It’s up to you to surprise the bachelor by throwing a party that will do down in the history books as an epic occasion. The groom is looking forward to a perfect bachelor party and you have to come up with the goods. This is your responsibility to make sure that his final outing as a single man is enjoyable for him and fun for all the guests. Does he prefer a big shindig with all of his buddies or just a laid back evening with his closest friends? The date you choose is also important; you don’t want to do this the night before the wedding! A few weeks to a month before is fine. Now the time to come up with some bachelor party ideas in Raleigh. Get some proven tips from experienced party planners.

Things To Do In Raleigh For Your Bachelor Party

Raleigh Bachelor Party Ideas
  • Indoor Go Karting - Don’t let the weather mess up your fun! Rush Hour Karting is an indoor high speed karting establishment that will fulfill your need for speed. Super exciting and competitive way to spend a few hours with the guys. Probably best to do this early in the day before you start drinking.
  • Laser Tag - Did you know that Raleigh has the nations first combat sports facility? In addition it’s also the worlds largest Combat entertainment armory. Instead of silly laser guns you choose from a variety of military grade replicas. A great way to foster teamwork and strategic thinking with your pals.
  • Golfing - For the guy who loves to putt, North Carolina has some beautiful golf courses for your enjoyment. Check out some highly ranked public golf courses in the Raleigh-Durham area.
  • Sporting Events - If you love hockey then your group will want to catch a Carolina Hurricanes game. With the repeal of HB2 look forward to more tournaments that will make a great reason to plan your bachelor party in Raleigh.
  • Beer Crawls - Plan the date of your excursion around the myriad of different bar crawls with themes that will fulfill any ale drinking whim.

Do’s & Don’t From A Professional Party Planner

I’ve helped plan and have attended thousands of bachelor parties so you can call me a professional. These are things you should never do!
  • Never do the party the night before the wedding. What could go wrong? So many things, you just don’t want to go there. I would recommend no less than 2 weeks to a month before the big day.
  • Don’t invite family members of the bride. Keep the fiancé’s dad out of the equation. The group should consist of his closest friends and college buddies. You should also always get the groom to approve the guest list.
  • Don’t let the groom pay for anything. Plan a budget for the night and have an extra stash for the bachelors drinks, food and lap dances.
  • Never invite any other females to the party. It may seem cool to watch your best friends sister motor boat a well endowed dancer, but it will only be awkward in the morning. The only women who are allowed at the party are strippers.

Bachelor Party Strippers In Raleigh For Hire

Get entertainnnent for your bachelor party
An exotic dancer from Hot Raleigh Strippers is a brilliant way to spice up his last party alongside the guys while still a single man! Our bachelor’s party headquarters provides exotic dancers, sexy waitresses not to mention our smoking hot two girl candle wax show. These women will certainly put on a performance which your groom-to-be and guests won’t forget! The exotic dancers you order will come to direct to you, and are able to travel to a hotel room, private home, cabin, private hall or perhaps the private room at a bar - with management approval of course. Will your party take place on a party bus? It’s an awesome place to throw your shindig and perfect for hosting strippers. Let us help you make sure your bachelor party in Raleigh goes down like a dream.